Clutter? No problem.

Here are our ten quick and easy steps to tackling the onslaught of unnecessary stuff in whichever room or space (or both) is bothering you most.


Don’t organize alone. Two is always better than one and will help you work faster, focus, and hopefully even have a little fun.  Put music on, and take breaks every so often and regroup.  Make sure you are staying on task.  Using a timer is ideal for this!


Pick one space and dedicate the day to bringing it from start to finish.  If it is the garage, however, please choose a manageable SECTION of the garage – like the left wall.  You will feel more successful if you can see progress at the end of the day.KEEPtoss sell donate


Set up boxes for donation, bags for trash, and bins for items you want to keep BEFORE you begin.


Working left to right, top to bottom, address each item in front of you. Look in the back of drawers you haven’t opened for months; pull out what you’ve been storing under the bed.


As you process each item, determine whether you will keep, donate or toss it. When you’re done, move your donation and trash piles out of the room. Do not put down the item until you have made a decision about it (VERY IMPORTANT).


Sort the items you plan to keep by category or use. At this point, the room will look terrible, but keep going! It gets better.


Zone your items in the room where you will use them most. If you write most of your lists in the kitchen over your morning coffee, move the notepads into the kitchen, even though they are technically office supplies.


Contain each item as best as possible using baskets, bins, and anything else you have sitting around the house. Small items are best kept in a “home” to reduce counter clutter and the possibility of losing anything.  Do not go out and buy new bins until you see how small or large of a container that you truly need for your stuff.


Label the containers or shelves to make putting the item away easy. This serves as a reminder to you and anyone else who spends time in your home or office.


A month later (make an appointment on your calendar for this), make one more pass over the items to make sure you’ve decluttered properly and everything is something you need.


And then congratulate yourself: you did it!

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