Photo & Memorabilia Projects

Let your memories shine.


Scrapbooking Services

Baby Avery

Sample Scrapbook Baby Avery

Baby pictures bring back all those early memories, and are some of the most referenced memorabilia. We love to make your baby’s photographs accessible, organized and pretty by putting them together in a comprehensive and artistic scrapbook. You’ll be looking back at these photographs for years to come, and they won’t be buried in the bottom of a shoe box.


Relive Your Favorite Vacations

Disney Parade Vacation Scrapbook

Don’t forget the wonderful, fun memories you made while on vacation. We’d love to scrapbook the two weeks you spent in Europe, Myrtle Beach, camping or just the year you spent exploring new corners of Pittsburgh. This scrapbook page about a Disney World vacation will bring memories back to life each time our client looks at the pages.



In Memory of Ella

When Ella passed away, the family wanted a way to commemorate her life and showcase some of their favorite memories with her. Our staff helped put together this slideshow for her funeral.