Summer vacations are all about relaxing… or that’s what we claim.

But sometimes keeping all the pieces together, be they coordinating your family, finding your hotel, or helping kids pack can leave you frazzled and wondering if you’ve even remembered your passport… while you’re on your way to the airport. This year, keep your vacations stress-free and organized with our following pointers.

One List To Rule Them All

Make a list, and check it twice! Use a packing list, and keep it in your luggage season after season, making revisions only when necessary; that way you’ll always know where to find it. Since you plan to use this list repeatedly, print it out (or write it out) on card stock paper, and if possible, laminate it.  You can always add to your list, even if it is laminated, by using a fine tip sharpie.  A great resource for printable vacation check lists is  They make planning everything (like birthday parties, holiday gifts, and your upcoming trip) easier!  Keep your list in your suitcase or your toiletry bag that you always use, so the you always know where it is.

Don’t Pack Air

Use plastic air-reducing storage bags, like Glad Travel Space Bags, to make the most out of your suitcase, coming and going. These air-tight beauties take the bulk out of your piles of clothes and do a great job with keeping the dirty clothes and wet swimsuits from getting mixed in with your clean clothes and those new souvenirs. . Don’t over-pack and roll your clothing to cut down on wrinkles.

Prepare For Lost Luggage

If you’re flying, pack critical items in your carry-on, in case your luggage doesn’t make it to your destination. Anyone who has been stranded on stand-by or routed to a nearby hotel knows too well how important it is to pack one change of clothes (at the very least, those critical undergarments), toiletries, glasses or contact solution and cases, and any medication you take regularly.

Don’t Forget The Little Pack

Use a sling satchel, fanny pack (yes, I said fanny pack!), or purse for your hotel key, passport, credit cards, camera, phone, sunscreen, and other small essentials. This enables you to explore without a bulky bag pulling on your shoulder. If you still need a little extra room to carry everything you need, use a regular backpack, and use both straps.

Don’t Over-Schedule

Just like at home, work in some time for “doing nothing,” and rest. Just because we’re on vacation doesn’t mean we’ve suddenly gained super-powers that enable us to go from dawn to dusk in our new environment. We need just as much, if not more, rest when we are in a new place, especially when adjusting to new time zones.

With a few organizational tweaks to your usual routine, you can spend less time stressing over a summer vacation and more time actually… vacationing! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the time off.

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