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Moving, decluttering, downsizing, and more.
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Residential Organizing

We will do a thorough visit to your space, going room by room in your home (including the garage and attic), giving you all of our ideas, and a folder of my best tips. You will receive a step-by-step written organizing plan, along with a complete shopping list of recommended products and supplies right there on the spot.

Business Organizing

We cannot control the ticking of the clock, or stop those emails from coming – but we can learn to maximize our work within the given time limits and structure of the workday. Let us lead you towards better task management to maximize your productivity, so that you can control your business and communications more successfully.

Photograph and Memorabilia Organizing

This service is perfect for those customers whose photos are sitting in the closet, in bags or boxes, just waiting to be in some sort of order for future reference. We use archival products that can be trusted to get your photos all in one place, and preserved safely.

Downsizing and Moving Services

Moving can be very a difficult process. Our caring Professional Organizers and Organizing Assistants will help the client to identify items in their current home that can be taken to their new space, donated, sold, sent to family or recycled.

Life seem overwhelming? Hire one of our expert Personal Assistants.

Jill, you and your staff were invaluable! We couldn’t have done it without you! Organized, de-cluttered, house sold, AND moved to Arizona in under two months! Jeannette R., Phoenix, AZ

Downsizing and Moving Services

When I accepted my position, I inherited another person’s idea of organization. While learning my new position, the “organization” became a chaotic disaster – somewhat organized, or so I thought.

When Jill came to our company to conduct a Lunch-n-Learn, I had asked our HR Director if I could have time with Jill, one-on-one.  Jill changed my work life! I am much more productive, spending time doing my job instead of looking for papers or books that I have misplaced or was hidden under a pile of boxes. I used to have a pit in my stomach when I walked in my office, but now I am happy to come to work. I never realized what a mess I was living with, until my office was organized and neat. Thank you, Jill, for all you have done for me!!

Sheila Hilliker

Office Organization, Training Manager SRI Quality System Registrar

Thank you, Jill.  I love working with Discover Organizing.  I have made so much progress since I started working with you!  Of course, there’s always more that can be done until I am 100% organized!  The sessions I book with Discover Organizing are always very productive.

I love knowing that there’s a company out there (just around the corner!) that is so helpful to me to get things in order at my home, at, and on my computer! I have had the utmost satisfaction with every facet of your business and enjoy working with you and your very competent staff!

Celeste, Upper St. Clair, PA

Home + Photo/Memorabilia Organizing

Jill is extremely professional and creative in her approach to organization. She took a chaotic former work out room and converted it to an extremely professional, well laid out work space. The office has worked beautifully since the inception of her plan. Lisa Anne Harmon, Venetia, PA

Mary Kay Sales Director, Office Organizing

My real estate agent recommended the services of Discover Organizing when my dad decided to sell his home. I relocated him across the state with me, and was left with the job of getting it ready to sell.

Jill and Ann were very professional, efficient, and worked with my preferences in order to get the job done. They came up with the idea of Skyping, so I could meet her and two other companies and be a part of the walk through. Then they sent pictures to see the completed work. They made me a part of the process which I really appreciated.

The house is now ready for market, and I am in awe. I went from having no idea where to start, to accomplishing my objective in a timely and seamless manner. I would use them again in a heartbeat and rate them highly!

S. Rose

Downsizing and Moving Services

I have been very satisfied with Ann, my organizer. She is always punctual and very has been very helpful in helping me achieve my goals. Kelly H.

Home Organizing

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