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Organize to Maximize Productivity

Let us lead you towards better task management to maximize your productivity, so that you can control your business and communications more successfully.


Organize Your Office Space

Time Management

Learn to maximize your work within the given time limits.

We cannot control the ticking of the clock, or stop those emails from coming-but we can learn to organize our work within the given time limits and structure of the workday. Let our business organizing services lead you towards more efficient task management to maximize your productivity, so that you can control your business and communications more successfully.

Stay on Track

Once the initial organization process is complete, we can develop helpful procedure manuals and Master File Indexes (hard copy and electronic) for your company, so that everyone can be “in the know” about how, why, and when to do what is needed. We can also create a custom-designed Organization Map, so anyone can find what they are looking for in an instant. In addition, we offer maintenance packages so that your new system and the people using it stay in great working order.

Information Flow

Information comes to us in so many different forms: from the internet and email to the physical in-box. Are we a paperless society? No way! Internet printouts have created MORE paper than ever before. Whether your office has adapted to using scanning software or relies on paper files, we can help. While we are pros at creating organized filing cabinets, we also can organize your computer files so that electronic files can be quickly found and accessed.

Filing Systems

If your disorganized piles need to become organized files, we can help put your paperwork where it belongs. We will create a paper and information flow that will leave your desk free of piles, and make certain that you and your employees know how to retrieve it when needed. Our goal is for you to find what you need in 30 seconds or less.

Project Management

Projects lagging due to lack of teamwork, planning, follow-through, or time?

Organization may be the key. If deadlines are being missed due to any of the above, we can help.

Contact Management

Does your contact management system consist of a stack of business cards? Be it names scrawled on the backs of receipts or slips of paper torn out of a notebook, our business organizing services can make sure that everyone that you want to call, email, or write to can be found in one place-exactly when you need it.

Supplies Storage

Store only the supplies you need. Let us help you make space for what matters and do away with the rest, then set up an ordering schedule so that you never run out.

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