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Curing paper piles and clutter congestion

We have been in business since 2003 helping people learn how to organize. We are teachers, guides, and hands-on helpers of all things organizing, and we set up systems that last. It’s not just about getting rid of stuff, it’s about letting go of things that weigh you down and keep you from all of the people and activities you enjoy.

Our Services


Business Organizing
We cannot control the ticking of the clock, or stop those emails from coming – but we can learn to maximize our work within the given time limits and structure of the workday. Let us lead you towards better task management to maximize your productivity, so that you can control your business and communications more successfully.


Our Residential Organizing services include a thorough visit to your space, going room-by-room in your home (including the garage and attic), giving you all of our ideas, and a folder of our best tips. You will receive a step-by-step written organizing plan, along with a complete shopping list of recommended products and supplies right there on the spot.

Downsizing and
Moving Services

Moving can be very a difficult process, but is more challenging to someone who must move due to a life-changing event, or simply because they cannot manage their large home any longer. Our caring team will help the client to identify items in their current home that can be donated, sold, sent to family, recycled, or, taken to their new space as part of our downsizing and moving organizing services.

Specialty Services

Photo and Memorabilia Organization Services

Business Organizing
This service is perfect for those customers whose photos are sitting in the closet, in bags or boxes, just waiting to be in some sort of order for future reference. We use archival products that can be trusted to get your photos all in one place, and preserved safely. We also provide album-making and scrapbooking services.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Services
If your schedule is overwhelming, and you frequently wish you had one more set of hands, or more hours in the day, you may need a Personal Assistant. We offer trained Professional Organizing Assistants to help you in your personal life to become more productive and to enjoy what matters most in your life.

Cleaning and Concierge Services

Are you really busy and/or don’t enjoy cleaning? Domestics, a division of Discover Organizing, offers cleaning services for $30/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. We are bonded and insured, and are available weekly, every other week, monthly, or on special occasions!

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