Photograph and Memorabilia Scanning Services

Turn piles of pictures into organized, accessible digital folders.

As Pittsburgh’s only Photograph and Memorabilia organizing company, we can help you transfer your physical photographs into digital files.

With photo scanning you can easily access your most precious pictures digitally, preserving your physical memorabilia for longer and enabling you to quickly share and view your photographs with friends and family.

Always Included


All Prints Carefully Scanned in Order

You’ll get your photos back in the same order you gave them to us.


All Scans Organized in Themed Categories

Your digital files will be sorted by common theme. We’re organizing professionals—we can’t help ourselves.


All Prints Handled by White-Gloved Professionals

No sticky fingers allowed in our office.


All Scans Oriented the Correct Way

No sideways faces or upside down birthday cakes.

All Scans Returned on a Flash Drive or Archival Preservation CD

We’ll return your photos to you in a format you can easily view and use.


All Prints Scanned at 600 DPI

A higher ratio of dots per inch means you can reprint your photos in higher quality.


All Scans Renamed

You can rest assured everything won’t be named variations of “IMG.”





Loose/Printed Photos
(All Sizes)
Scrapbook/Album Pages
Photos in Albums


(1 hour minimum)

 Photo Scanning Extras

Pickup Service


(Must live within a 25 mile radius of our office location.)

Additional CD/DVDs



Red-eye removal, cropping, auto-color adjustments

$50.00 per hour

(1 hour minimum)


Want more hands on organizing of your photos and memorabilia?

We can do more than just photo scanning.
Our organizing professionals can put your memories in order so that they are accessible, easy to enjoy, and share.

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Need Your Memorabilia Organized?

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