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Live a Clutter-Free Lifestyle

If you are tired of too much stuff, and would like to live a clutter-free, simpler lifestyle, we can help get the job done with our residential organizing team.

Organize Your Home

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Let us help you make the most out of the space in these high-traffic rooms. A kitchen makeover helps this room function to support your everyday activities: cooking, communicating, and gathering of family and friends.

The bathroom is a room that can become very cluttered, from the sink-top to the medicine chest, and the linen closet that holds everything else but towels!

We can find a solution that will put that bath in order in as little as one session.


If your car is still sitting in your driveway because there is no room for it in your garage, and if the idea of cleaning out this space is overwhelming, we can help!

We take you through our Four Simple Steps to organizing your garage, and your car, along with the garden/lawn supplies, sports equipment, tools, and car care supplies. Voila! They will all have a home! If you would like to transform your garage into a thing of functional beauty, we can design a customized storage system that is right for you.

Attics & Basements

Often, the attic and the basement become catch-all’s for unused items that we cannot decide to keep or say goodbye to. Clutter accumulates faster than expected, and when you truly do need those holiday decorations, a feeling of dread can creep in at the very thought of climbing those stairs, or heading into the cellar. We can help you clear the clutter, make necessary decisions, and zone each room for necessary storage.

The Home Office

Paper clutter is very distracting to most homeowners, as it represents tasks, bills, and decisions to be made. We can show you how to minimize those paper piles, create a personalized, user-friendly filing system, and manage the paper and information flow throughout your home. We can also help you stop unwanted junk mail, catalogs, and other solicitations that can clog your mailbox.

Decluttered Closets

Are your closets driving you crazy? Most people struggling with a cluttered closet find that their closets are over-stuffed, too small, or not designed well. Once we thin out your closet of unworn and unused items, we can offer new and creative ways to contain your clothes, shoes, linens, and other stored items. If a new closet system is what you desire, we can direct you to new custom-built systems.

Discover Organizing Decluttered Closets

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How We Work

Initial Consultation

Every residential organizing job begins with an initial consultation. It includes a thorough visit to your space, going room-by-room in your home (including the garage and attic), giving you all of our ideas, and a folder of our best tips. You will receive a step-by-step written organizing plan along with a complete shopping list of recommended products and supplies right there on the spot.

Professional Lead Organizer

This service involves providing hands-on direction to the home organizing process, space planning, and skills transference to the customer (i.e. learning how to let go of clutter, implementing organizing systems).

Professional Organizing Assistant

This person is a hands-on assistant to the lead organizer. The Assistant is there to mainly sort, label and contain items. The Assistant also delivers items to charity and can set up consignment and auction services.

Additional A La Carte Services

Donation Services

We take the items away, fill out the donation slip, and give it directly to you.

Consignment Services

We take the items to various consignment stores and set up the account in your name. Your profits come right to you!

Shopping Service

We go to multiple locations to purchase the best product for your organizing project, keeping in line with your budget goals.

Space Planning

If any of your rooms are not working for you and the setup doesn’t feel right, chances are you need to develop some space planning and a new floor plan. In this process, we can repurpose your existing furniture, or if desired, create a shopping list of new items that will give the space a look and feel that you want to be more productive and organized.

Feng Shui consultations are available by a certified practitioner.

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